C.Z. Elettronica was founded in 1986 in Vicenza (Italy) and it was focused in analogic control and regulation. Constant innovation has let the company to made a whole series of industry cards for DC Drive with a wide range of applications.


The company has decades of experience all around the world and it uses the latest technology tools to develop best solutions in all business phases. Research and periodic upgrading allow CZ Elettronica to employ new technologies for industrial automation following current safety regulations


C.Z. elettronica research and development new technologies, making new products and solutions. Our commitment is to provide innovative solutions using latest generation of technologies and processes, using skills acquired in thirty years of experience as solid basis.

Our key futures

Fast and effective assistances joined in concrete solutions have allowed CZ Elettronica to deserve the trust of its customers

CZ Elettronica futures

Why CZ Elettronica

High Quality, reliability and service are just some of the features that allow CZ Electronics to be competitive in the international automation network.


There are more solutions to solving the same problem, CZ Electronics evaluates and offers the best solution according to customer needs.


Automation from A to Z: The solutions offered by CZ Elettronica are safe, effective and have a quality standard among the highest in the market.

Remote support

Thanks to the most modern and sophisticated telegestion systems, we are able to assist and intervene remotely reducing the time and support costs.